Truffle Making Experience

Truffle Making Experience – 2 hours
Class size 8 people
Cost £85.00 per person
This will provide a hands-on, fun and educational experience. It will give you the opportunity to create your own hand-made truffles to take home and enjoy.
The 2-hour class will cover a range of techniques and will leave you with a clear insight into the world of high-end chocolate making.
The experience will cover the following:
Upon arrival you will be greeted with a taster of our house blend hot chocolate before being guided down to our demonstration kitchen to begin your journey into chocolate.
An insight into the history of chocolate with samples.
Learn how to make chocolate ganache.
Flavour combinations.
Piping and shaping.
Tempering chocolate techniques.
Roll your truffles in your choice of coating. Giving them you own personal unique finish.

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