About Us

Founded by self-confessed chocoholic Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, producer Jessica de Rothschild, and entrepreneur Ben Elliot. R Chocolate London aims to be the finest chocolate & patisserie brand in the UK.

Born out of a passion for chocolate, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’s chocolate & Patisserie boutique has taken its inspiration from some of the most indulgent chocolatiers across the globe. The concept was born when Ben Elliot was approached by Sir Evelyn to work alongside him and help bring his childhood dream of having a chocolate brand to life. Since then, they have collaborated with Jessica de Rothschild who has overseen the design and brand development to create a fresh, exciting space that will see children eating birthday cake, couples sharing champagne-chocolate pairings and foodies sampling seasonal High Teas. This is more than just a shop – it is a real-life fantasy for chocolate and patisserie lovers.
This is a place where emotions, memories, flavour and ultimate experience will dominate for all chocolate lovers, young and old!

As well as this stand-out bespoke offering, R Chocolate London provides an array of sweet delicacies including their signature Caramel Chocolates in a variety of different flavours. The Sea-Salt Elephant Shaped Caramel is at the forefront of this collection, which combines exquisite flavours and fun shapes for adults and children alike. They will also boast a ‘Memory Lane’ collection which is an interpretation of all the original chocolate bars – think retro coconut bars, chunky peanut & nougat bars, and shortbread with caramel, which will be executed with a unique design and a nostalgic flavour to die for!

Offering the highest quality chocolate made from expert chocolatiers and charming service in a beautiful space, R Chocolate London heralds a very welcome addition to light up the London chocolate scene.

R Chocolate London are proud to use Original Beans Organic or Wild Chocolate Beans in all our recipes and we have been awarded the Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award 2017 for our Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate. 

Academy of Chocolate Bronze