Who is taking part in Bake Off: The Professionals 2018?

Slav and Maria from R Chocolate 

The Staff Canteen 2018

Slav (Slavcho) is the head pastry chef at R Chocolate London and has been working there for over two years. Slav was highly influenced by his brother-in-law who works as a patissier. Maria has been working at R Chocolate London since June 2017 as a chef de partie. Her baking influences have also come from family connections.

She says “I was influenced by my mother, she was always baking and a great inspiration to me as a youngster. That is where my passion started.”

Both Slav and Maria are excited with regards to the challenge of Bake Off: The Professionals. They are keen to see their potential, level of ability and capabilities of what they can achieve compared to other pastry chefs in the country.

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