Warmed by Chocolate - 2wo Fat Girls blog


A lovely Christmas pop-up store in the beautifully lit up, and festively decorated markets at Covent Garden. The store is chic, with a simple but elegant interior – one wall lined with delicately wrapped chocolates and a hot chocolate/coffee booth in the other corner.

There is even a 4kg solid chocolate elephant in the middle with a mini Christmas tree to add to the merry spirit  It was great to stop here for a deliciously warm, chocolatey break to hide from the chilly rain outside, before continuing our exploration of inner London at Christmas!

The good fat: I loved how they have tubs of the chocolate flakes/powder out in front, giving customers the option to view and choose their own flavours. There is a huge variety – ranging from normal milk, to hazelnut, to salted caramel.

You can also add either the marshmallow or chocolate cookie as a topping. I was recommended the salted caramel as it wasn’t supposed too sweet (which is unusual) – and she wasn’t wrong! The chocolate was light and not overly sweet so I comfortably finished the whole cup, each gulp warming me from the chilly, rainy day outside. To be even more creative, I tried coconut milk instead of normal milk and that really stood out for me. I liked the subtle hints of coconut that cut through the chocolate and added that extra dimension of flavour which I don’t usually see in hot chocolate. I also loved the chocolate cookie topping as by the time it had been soaked in the drink for a while, it tasted like warm gooey brownie – YUUM!

The bad fat: I would’ve like the chocolate to be just the slightest bit richer and velvety, but then again if you pass that threshold it’s very easy to be sickenly rich so I was still pretty happy with the overall result.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – If you’re looking for a delicious, high quality hot chocolate to warm you up in Christmas as you keep exploring the bustling streets for inner London