Organic chocolate facials… really?

We know that some chocolate can be good for you and be working to make you more healthy from the inside out. Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and contains various essential nutrients, which help you to stay healthy and beautiful.

Taking this one step further, chocolate is packed with more superpowers when applied to the skin. It’s believed chocolate can break down free radicals and works as an anti-oxidant, hydrate the skin, help to keep blemishes at bay and increase the activity of collagen. Cocoa beans are rich in magnesium, which helps stimulate the body to produce a vital hormone, progesterone, ideal for dealing with stress-related breakouts.

Chocolate facials are getting more popular by the day. Rich in antioxidants. Chocolate helps reverse the signs of ageing. It is packed with flavonoids, powerful antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids that fight free radicals; it helps to tone, tighten and firm wrinkled skin by moisturising and keeping your skin hydrated.

The amazing minerals such as magnesium, copper, calcium, zinc and vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2 and B5 present in chocolate will help protect the skin against sun damage, lightens blemishes and acne marks, boost collagen production, revive sluggish skin and restore skin radiance leaving your skin young and beautiful.

Chocolate facials, spa treatments, and hair masks have all appeared in salons across the world. Offering a selection of calorie-free chocolate masks and treatments for your skin. So why leave it out of your beauty regime? 

Whether you are visiting a beauty salon or making your treatments at home your key ingredient is, of course, your chocolate and what better ingredient than the natural, organic chocolate found in our hot chocolate tins. The chocolate is already grated which will help when melting and mixing your beauty mask.

Chocolate tends to suit all skin types and is known to be one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate after a tiring week at work so for a double dose of one of the nations favourite health foods why not try a treatment, put your feet up and relax with an R Chocolate London Hot Chocolate drink at the same time!

There is a vast selection of chocolate treatments to be found online click here for one of our favourites.

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