How to make the best Hot Chocolate in town!

How to make the best Hot Chocolate in town! 

Well, we think so anyway…

Whatever the time of day, the perfect hot chocolate drink is an indulgence not to be missed.

We have made the option even more interesting by offering not only the best but a multitude of our favourite flavours for you to choose from. So now, the only question is deciding whether to choose a plant based or regular milk to compliment your choice.

What makes our hot chocolate unique?

The key to a successful hot chocolate starts with a high quality chocolate after all it goes without saying that good chocolate yields good hot chocolate.

Our Chocolate

R Chocolate London works exclusively with original beans organic and wild chocolate, which is not only sourced from the most remote rainforests in the world, Original Beans plant cocoa seedlings protecting the habitat of local flora and fauna, empowering cacao farmers and their families, and ensuring heritage cacao trees remain for future generations.

Naturally, the higher the percentage of chocolate the richer the cup. We pride ourselves in offering no less than five exquisite options ranging from our Organic House White, Organic House Milk 42% for those of you with a slightly sweeter preference, Organic House Dark 70% which gives you a really balanced, rich flavour, Hazelnut Blend consisting of our House Dark Chocolate with Piedmont Hazelnut and our Chilli blend with a hint of spice.

The thickness of the hot chocolate is almost as important as the chocolate used. Because the cocoa butter in high-quality chocolate is already so rich, it isn’t always necessary to use milk with a higher fat content. Therefore, our Boutiques in Belgravia, Richmond and Pop up in Bicester Village, can offer you a selection of milk options from our plant based almond, cashew and coconut to semi skimmed and full fat.

The chocolate, milk ratio is of course of personal preference to all of us. Most hot chocolate recipes are made up of 20% chocolate, however if you are looking for something really special up your measurements to your own personal taste.


Fortunately, the perfect hot chocolate doesn’t require any special equipment; as long as you have a hob, saucepan and a whisk you’re well on your way.

To make hot chocolate, bring milk to high heat in a saucepan, but don’t let it boil as this will scald the milk and change its consistency. Once it’s at high heat, add in room temperature chocolate and bring to high heat again, whisking in the chocolate until it’s completely melted and being careful not to let it burn.

Alternatively, bring your milk to a high heat and then pour over the chocolate.

If you prefer a frothy hot chocolate, place your chocolate in a blender, then pour the hot milk over it and immediately pulse until the milk is frothed. Another suggestion would be to use a handheld or manual milk frother.

Serve in your favourite individual cups or mugs.

Now its time to get creative… There are countless additions that work well on top of hot chocolate—from marshmallows, grated chocolate, biscuit to whipped cream. Make your creation as unique as you are and enjoy!

Our Hot chocolate is available to buy in a handy tin on line and from our Boutiques in Belgravia and Richmond upon Thames.

Customer testimonials

'Excellent service, even better chocolate. Take your time and enjoy it all.' 

‘Hazelnut hot chocolate. Very addictive!’  - London Chocolate group

‘I just wanted to congratulate you on the delicious almond milk white hot chocolate that I enjoyed (on two separate days) at Bicester last week’ - Ally