Feuillantine Bar Dark

Feuillantine Chocolate Bar Dark


Feuillantine Chocolate Bar Dark

Feuillantine wafer mixed with our Piedmont hazelnut praline in our 70% Organic House Dark Chocolate.

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Product Description

Feuillantine Chocolate Bar Dark

Due to the processes within our kitchen, traces of WHEAT, NUTS, PEANUTS, EGGS, DAIRY AND SEEDS may be present.

Please store your chocolate in a cool, dry place, ideally between 15 -16 degrees Celsius.

R Chocolate London are proud to use Original Beans organic or wild Chocolate Beans in all our recipes for more information click here.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Dark Chocolate (cacao kernel, cane sugar, cacao Butter, cacao Minimum 70%)Hazelnut praline, Feuilletine wafer, Roasted hazelnuts, Gianduja chocolate (sugar, hazelnuts (NUTS), cacao butter, whole milk power, cacao mass, almonds (NUTS), vanilla)

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