Tea With A difference – The Arbuturian

R Chocolate London Afternoon Tea - The Arbuturian
R Chocolate London Afternoon Tea – The Arbuturian

The R Chocolate London boutique’s a few minutes’ walk from Sloane Square station, but a cold few minutes. When we arrive at the awning on Ebury Street the shopfront doesn’t just look good, it looks like sanctuary.

There are Big Decisions standing between us and all the cake, though. The connections of co-founder Sir Evelyn de Rothschild mean there’s Champagne Barons de Rothschild Brut being served. But you can choose to swap it for Chocolate in a Bottle – a chocolate-infused sparkling wine – which Jethro, in his commitment to the theme, orders. It arrives looking surprisingly pale, a coupe of Champagne-coloured, cocoa-smelling bubbles, and tasting surprisingly lovely – the depth of chocolate without the sweetness.

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This is our Town – Richmond upon Thames


Everyone loves being bought things, right? Richmond is renowned for its thriving shopping scene, so you’re bound to find something to tickle their fancy – just don’t leave it until the last minute.

If flowers aren’t their thing, what about cake and chocolate? Richmond is home to several chocolatiers such as R Chocolate London at 10 Paved Court. Why not give their sweet tooth an alternate option with a tasty homemade cake.

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About Time Review


What: R Chocolate London are holding a Sea Salt Caramel Making Class at their Belgravia store, on Saturday. Learn how to make the R Chocolate London Sea Salt Caramel Couture Chocolates in their demonstration kitchen.

Why: Kicking off at 12:30pm, you’ll be greeted with a taster of the House Blend Hot Chocolate before being guided down to the demonstration kitchen to begin your journey into chocolate. The 2 hour class will cover the following: an insight into the history of chocolate with samples, how to create your sea salt caramel filling, tempering chocolate, piping and cooling techniques, and mould filling.

 Price: £85 per person. Email: to secure your place.

Where: 198 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 8UN

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About Time – Winter Warming drinks in London

Hot Chocolate selection

R Chocolate London – a beautifully indulgent chocolatier and patisserie – has opened its flagship doors on Belgravia’s iconic Ebury Street. Founded by self-confessed chocoholic Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, producer Jessica de Rothschild and Ben Elliot (Co-founder of Quintessentially), R Chocolate takes inspiration from the best chocolatiers around the world. Sourced exclusively from award-winning chocolate makers and warriors of sustainability, Original Beans, this is chocolate couverture at its finest with creations made only from the highest quality ingredients and never with preservatives or additives.

Where: 198 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 8UN

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All In London

R Chocolate London Strawberry Dome

Imaginative, opulent and inspiring – R Chocolate London has one aim: to be the finest chocolate & patisserie brand in the UK.

Founded by self-confessed chocoholic Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, producer Jessica de Rothschild and successful entrepreneur Ben Elliot (Co-founder of Quintessentially) will open on Belgravia’s iconic Ebury Street, taking its place alongside London’s world-renowned luxury brands. R Chocolate London aims to be the UK’s finest chocolate brand and doors will open to a welcoming, inspiring space with imaginative window installations and in-store displays that excite the eyes as well as the palate.

Of course this new store won’t just be a Chocolatier, it will be a destination. Born out of a passion for chocolate, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’s chocolate shop & patisserie has taken its inspiration from some of the most indulgent chocolatiers across the globe.

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