R Chocolate London

Founded by self-confessed chocoholic Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, producer Jessica de Rothschild and entrepreneur Ben Elliot. R Chocolate London aims to be the finest chocolate & patisserie brand in the UK.

Born out of a passion for chocolate, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild’s chocolate & Patisserie boutique has taken its inspiration from some of the most indulgent chocolatiers across the globe. The concept was born when Ben Elliot was approached by Sir Evelyn to work alongside him and help bring his childhood dream of having a chocolate brand to life. Since then, they have collaborated with Jessica de Rothschild who has overseen the design and brand development to create a fresh, exciting space that will see children eating birthday cake, couples sharing champagne-chocolate pairings and foodies sampling seasonal High Teas. This is more than just a shop – it is a real-life fantasy for chocolate and patisserie lovers. This is a place where emotions, memories, flavour and ultimate experience will dominate for all chocolate lovers, young and old!

Imaginative, opulent
& inspiring.

As well as this stand-out bespoke offering, R Chocolate London provide an array of sweet delicacies including their signature Caramel Chocolates in a variety of different flavours. The Sea-Salt Elephant Shaped Caramel is at the forefront of this collection, which combines exquisite flavours and fun shapes for adults and children alike. They will also boast a ‘Memory Lane’ collection which is an interpretation of all the original chocolate bars – think retro coconut bars, chunky peanut & nougat bars, and shortbread with caramel, which will be executed with a unique design and a nostalgic flavour to die for!

Offering the highest quality chocolate made from expert chocolatiers and charming service in a beautiful space, R Chocolate London heralds a very welcome addition to light up the London chocolate scene.

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Our Chocolate

Behind the Beans

R Chocolate London are proud to use Original Beans Organic or Wild Chocolate Beans in all our recipes and we have been awarded the Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award 2017 for our Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate.

Academy Of Chocolate Bronze Winner 2017

Multi Award Winning Original Beans from the earth’s rarest places

Since 2008, Original Beans has combined its dual passion for chocolate making and conservation. Their Bean Team travels into the most remote rainforests in the world – in pursuit of the rarest cacao beans – to bring foodies, environmentally conscious consumers and leading chefs pure, additive-free chocolate.

Chocolate that replenishes the biodiverse forests in the origins instead of harming them. Through their One Bar : One Tree program, Original Beans plant a seedling for every chocolate bar sold, protecting the habitat of local flora and fauna, empowering cacao farmers and their families, and ensuring heritage cacao trees remain for future generations. To date, One Bar : One Tree has planted and preserved over 1,000,000 trees in the cacao origins.

Organic Dark Chocolate – Cru Virunga 70% Deep Dark Chocolate, Virunga Park, Congo DR

Hints of morello cherries, earthy chocolate and black tea is revealed as the Cru Virunga melts in your mouth.

An eco-kaleidoscope of savannas, tropical forests, lava flows and alpine forests, Virunga National Park is a testament to how crucial soil; climate and farming practices are to producing complex flavours. Since 2008, the Original Bean Team has ventured into this rich and diverse landscape—and habitat to the last 900 mountain gorillas—to develop a fine cacao origin in Eastern Congo.

Charismatic, biologically diverse and rich in landscapes, Virunga is one of the most important regions in the world. Located in the rift valley, it sits along a uniquely rich geological formation classified as World Heritage Site in 1979. The protected area is home to the last 800 mountain gorillas, endangered due to deforestation and a growing population practicing irresponsible agriculture. The war-ridden country is rated as having one of the poorest economies in the world, with a GDP per capita of $180 and over 70% of the population living below the poverty line. During more than 10 years of war, millions of people in Virunga have become displaced and are turning to small-scale farming as a means to build a new life.

Organic Milk Chocolate – Esmeralda 42%Silky Milk Chocolate, Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Notes of caramel and hazelnuts with Fleur de Sel resonate throughout this silky milk Rare & Original chocolate.

Arising from the mists of Ecuador’s last pacific cloud forest, the Arriba beans for our Esmeraldas Milk live among the rare tree frogs of the Mache Chindul Nature Reserve. Once a staple of Ecuador, pure Arriba Nacional is difficult to source in today’s times of hybrid cacao but thanks to the Original Bean intrepid team no bean is too hidden or hard for them to find.

The Esmeraldas Province lies at the southernmost point of one of the most threatened and least known most beautiful rainforest ecosystems on earth–the Chocó. Original Beans source the Esmeraldas cacao from Mache Chindul, a reserve in the Chocó.  Mache Chindul is at risk due to its isolation from other forested areas and the presence of 85 small rural communities within its borders. The reserve is home to Ecuador’s last cloud forests, which replenish the major rivers in the region and are home to an enormous variety of plants and wildlife, including the spectacular Imbabura Tree Frog. The precious wildlife of the Chocó is severely threatened by deforestation, caused by logging and slash and burn practices.

Organic White Chocolate – Edel Weiss 37%Bare White Chocolate, Yuna River, Dominican Republic.

 Sweet impressions of banana milk and cacao butter. This Rare & Original white chocolate is additive free and contains no lecithin and no vanilla.

The fine Trinitario cacao butter used for this chocolate comes from organic cacao gardens in the Yuna River Valley in the Dominican Republic and is then combined with classic Swiss Alpine milk. Thanks to these high-quality ingredients, Original Beans Edel Weiss contains no vanilla and dares to bare without additives.